About us

Asia Pacific Exhibitors (trade name - APEX) is an integrated event solutions provider. We handle event planning, technical production and media works for all types of events.

We are a professionally diversified group of event managers, AV-IT engineers, content creators, digital media specialists and creative designers.

With our years of expertise and knowledge, you can count on APEX to deliver a first-class production experience and quality project management.  

Our mission is based on 3 simple words: Focus, Passion, Follow-through. To focus on every single project we are undertaking with the passion we have for our line of work. No matter what happens, our team will follow through with the job despite any new challenges that stand in our way.

Our vision as a company is to constantly strive to be at the forefront of event technologies and make use of our position to enhance every event that comes in our way.

Our Solutions

With years of experience as a leading AV event production company, you can count on APEX to deliver a first class production experience to a wide range of client requirements.

Our team take upon different scale of projects and will always deliver quality and professional services regardless of event type.

As your trusted production partner, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your event is what you had envisioned and more. From creative production to audio visual lighting solutions, we are able to provide you with the full package of managing your event.

We know perfectly well that the different kind of events require a different kind of production. we are able to cater specifically our wide variety of equipment and technical know hows for each individual type of event.

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