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Revolutionizing and reinventing the future of AGMs. Employ AGM by APEX solution to enhance your virtual meeting experience.

Our AGM solution focused on being responsive, seamless and secured. We enable virtual and hybrid corporate meetings that are fully integrated with our technical production.

Digitalize your AGM to a virtual AGM meeting. Maximize efficiency and experience the creative solution behind our AGM system.

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AGM Solution

Engage with your members professionally and allow them to participate from anywhere in the world.
Use technology to empower users to ask questions and vote live during the webcast for your virtual meeting.

live voting

Real time voting platform with immediate results during broadcast of virtual meeting integrated from Slido system. AGM By APEX Virtual AGM software integrates live voting functions. The real time attendance allows the virtual AGM software to consolidate results in a cohesive manner, which is by far, the most efficient method for any online conference or video meeting out in the current market.

live q&a

Increase stakeholders participation by addressing questions submitted through text or video. The virtual AGM technology by APEX allows Q&A powered by Slido and integrating into our system during the AGM video conference. AGM by APEX is the only Singapore company that provides conferencing software with both Q&A and live polling during the virtual annual general meeting.

Enhanced presentation experience

We allow the integration of informative slides, customised corporate branding and running text tickers into your AGM live streaming screen to drive stakeholders engagement.

Key benefits

Seamless AGM

Over 30 years of combined technical experience to ensure smooth running of AGM.

Encourage Stakeholders Experience

Multiple live streaming videos, live voting and Q&A section with moderator options all in one secured platform that can be linked to your corporate website.

Hybrid Solutions,
Countless Possibilities

On-site or Online, we are able to produce interactive solutions for any scenarios. Users will be able to tune in from anywhere to participate.

Data Compilation
And Delivery

All AGM data to be collected and presented to the board of directors.


Gather necessary documents and cleaning up of any presentation slides.


Arrange for rehearsals with AGM team to ensure smooth running of event.


 Creation of company video to enhance branding.


Moderator for Live Voting & Live Q&A for shareholder engagement.


Broadcast Live streaming at various platforms for users to tune in anywhere.


Recording of the entire segment.


Data exports for shareholders.


Storage of assets for the future.

Why go digital?

Lower event cost 

Conducive and more moderated event flow

Safe distancing during COVID-19 period

More control over data collection 

Recording of all materials for storage

Users can tune in from anywhere

Virtual Live Events

Less distractions when participants are at a designated venue.

More networking opportunities.

Events coming up?

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