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Product Launch

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We believe that an awesome audio visual lighting display is crucial to the success of a product launch. We enable you to create that memorable first impression for your audience and boost your brand engagement.
Product Launch Bottom Image

A product launch is a visual event. With so many products flooding the market, your product launch got to be unique and attention grabbing to stand out.

We deliver visually stunning experiences for attendees through the use of projection technology, LED video walls, intelligent lighting designs and interactive screens. Studying the venue layout and carefully positioning our speaker systems will further reinforce the immersive event experience.

Look at the past product launches of big companies such as Apple's 2019 Launch, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, Audi's China Launch and Tesla's Model 3. These are some examples of how a meticulous planned production is able to instantly improve your brand image and tremendously increase customer engagement.

Our team is made up of multimedia specialists and AV production experts who will bring your vision to life and captivate your audience.

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