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Music Backline

Providing and anticipating the gears a band needs to create and amplify their live music. From amplifiers and speakers to instruments and drum kits, we are the pillar of strength that supplements music entertainment and broadcasts the show to an audience

Music backline

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Before evolving to an integrated audio visual and events production house, APEX started off as a Music Backline service provider back in 2012.  We understand the importance of quality equipment from a musician perspective. It’s a musician's joy to play on the latest piece of music instrument that the market offers!

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Like any piece of technology these days, music gears quickly get outdated.  As such schools, churches, event venues and even bars might find their music backline inventory to be depreciating at an alarming rate in just 3 years! We constantly upgrade and maintain our equipment to ensure top quality performance.

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Musicians are very particular over their palette of sounds. It is thus essential that they are serviced by like-minded technicians that understand their needs. An event organizer might be put at a spot if an inadequate backline provider is unable to deliver this area of expertise. 

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