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Beautiful and elegant lighting is essential in setting the mood and visually boosting any event spaces, and thus our lighting designs are specifically created to show off the best of any space, through accentuating architectural details and providing the perfect ambience design for each event.


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Asia Pacific Exhibitors (APEX) is the one stop solution for your event’s lighting visual needs. From supplying our own lighting equipment to set-up & installations. We do stage lighting, mounted lighting or lighting on truss depending on each individual venue.

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On top of that, we have our own in-house lighting technicians to customize lighting patterns and visually decorate the venue during the event itself. This will further enhance your show and your guests will definitely be busy taking photos of it!

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Of course, we also cater to different events with much more complex set up and needs. We recommend arranging a site visit with our technicians to better plan as a team for your event. We are more than happy to welcome you to our office showroom to check out the different lighting designs done by our technicians. Make an appointment with us now!

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